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The Power in Being Yourself 24/7/365

Sparkle, twinkle and shine are easy words that fall off the tongue in describing Lesley. Lesley embraces life openly and honestly. The yellow colour describes how her open enthusiastic attitude warms people like the sun. There is a lightness and playfulness in the yellow that is balanced and grounded by the power of the red tone. Lesley knows what she wants and has the red energy to make sure that it happens.

There are hints of darker colour underneath. The blue peaks out from behind to suggest the depth and fearlessness of this woman...a bed-rock of strength and something even deeper. If no one else could hear you or see you Lesley would know how to find you in the dark and stay with you to find the crack of light to lead you out.

The amazing generosity is that Lesley would be glad to help you...she simply can't not give you a boost.

The bits and lines represent the "into everything, at once, all the time" aspect of Lesley. This works on 2 levels. Lesley is definitely a very interesting person, and she has a big capacity with big energy. Her determination and ability to zero in and maintain focus keeps this "busyness" from stopping or distracting her from the task at hand.

Fun not frivolous - Charming and lovely - Teacher and friend

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A word from Lesley
What I Know For Sure
"Living fully is not to be postponed for the perfect time, the perfect day, the perfect person. To have a life full of meaning is all about living in the present, taking pleasure in every human interaction, looking for beauty in every object and vista, finding ways to make every moment count. The big stuff is elusive; it's the small stuff that's in front of us every day that ultimately adds up to give us happiness and fulfillment. It's really all we've got."